Publication Requirements for Funded Investigative Stories

Dear Participants and Grantees


We believe you are gearing up for a great festive season.

We would like to appreciate you for your participation in the Nigerian Investigative Reporting Project.

In the light of how some grantees have gone about the publication of their stories and questions regarding whether the stories should be shared with us first before publication on their platforms, it has become clear that participants have not been taking time to read or follow the communication from us. We informed you on a number of occasions that upon completion of your story, it should be submitted to us first before your editor for publication on your platform.

Let me make it clear that we MUST see every story before it is published first as part of the reporting requirements for the grant received from us and second to determine that the funds achieved the set goals in the pitch. If anyone ignores this and goes ahead to publish and we determine the grant has not been judiciously spent, we would demand a refund of what we think is not accounted for. You may want to know that we have taken this step against more than one grantee already.

While we look forward to a more productive 2015 working with you, we wish you a happy holiday.

Best regards,

Temitope Shaba


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Twitter:      @icirnigeria or @nirp_icir
Facebook: or centre for investigative reporting

M: 234-803-737-1352

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