ICIR Accepts Story Pitches for NIRP

The International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) is glad to announce the commencement of the grant giving component of the Nigerian Investigative Reporting Project, NIRP. The project is in its second year and that brings the total number of participants to 81 journalists. This means the grant giving process will be more competitive than last year when we had just 40 participants. In the light of this, participants are implored to follow every instruction and  guidelines squarely to increase the chances of their proposed story getting selected.
Story pitches should be sent to dayoaiyetan@yahoo.com and copy shabatop@yahoo.com
Story pitch must include:
i. A working Headline for your investigation
ii. Overview of the problem you want to solve
iii. Rationale for the Investigation (Why is it necessary?)
iv. Steps to be taken to address the problem (Activities)
v. Specifics of places to visit, people to talk to, etc
vi. A detailed budget (the budget must correspond to the activities to be undertaken)
vii. Every pitch should be accompanied by a letter of commitment from your editor to publish the report
viii. An indication of the duration of the report
It should be noted that persons who failed to furnish us with a letter of authorization from their editors but were allowed to participate at the training programme would henceforth seize to participate in the programme because there is no evidence that they belong to a news organization.

Author: Test Test